“Be careful of what you wish for; you might not love it when you get it.” This is a statement that we hear all the time. We have seen a lot of people who this statement manifested in their lives. We have seen that lovely young girl of eighteen who just went on a first date with her significant other, but along the line, what she had been waiting for so long to get wasn’t what she wanted. We have seen that young man who spent so many years in school to get an engineering degree only to abandon it to pursue a career in music. We have seen that politician who

get we want, and we realize that what we have been yearning for all along weren’t exactly the things we wanted. Sometimes, what we have been yearning for are indeed the things we want, but because of our human nature which always seeks for more, we begin to look back.

I once read Camara Laye’s “African Child”. It is an excellent autobiography by all standards, and I enjoyed reading the book. Because of the way I enjoyed the book, I started digging deep to catch up on events in the life of the author after he left Guinea for France. I would later learn that in France, his

money got exhausted while he was still trying

to meet his needs. In a sequel to African Child, he recounted his experiences on how he got bored after getting to France, and how the life he envisaged to live in France wasn’t what he seemed to be living. He wanted to go back to Guinea, his land of strange spiritual traditions. At the same time, he also wanted to get the degree that took him to France. His story is another perfect example that depicts the fact that what we get may not always be what we want. He would later rediscover himself and used his lonely moments to pen his experiences as an African child who lived in a small Guinean village. His book, the African Child, came as a result of that self-

There are many instances of people all over history who almost felt what they got weren’t the things they wanted. We could go on and on telling many stories of them. Sometime in the past, after the close of work on a Friday evening, I was bored at home and decided to take a walk. I had barely worked less than four years after college, and I was already bored with my job and my career. I wanted something more; I wanted something else. It happens to the most of us. After getting that dream job, some years down the line, we want something else, we get bored with the job and want to pursue something entirely different

begging. I remembered that sometime in the past, I was in lack like those homeless people. I remembered some of the promises I made to myself in my days of financial lack. I remembered I had told myself that I was going to travel the world, visit natural sceneries, help as many people as I could, and make sure that I put a smile on the lips of people. The smile that was not abundant on my lips as a kid was what I resolved to put on the lips of others. But that evening as I was taking a walk, I realized that it was going to be difficult to accomplish all of that.

While a part of me wanted to be all out

helping, traveling, seeing new places,

opposing voices in my head. Each wanting to take the center and dominate. Like many others, I wanted to quit my job and travel, help people, live a silent life. However, deep down, I knew it was practically impossible to do all of those without money. Like Camara Laye on those lonely moments in France, I looked at the end and redirected myself on a path of self-discovery and self-awareness.

While Laye was going through those “difficult” times, he recognized that there were more he could do asides bemoaning the sharp culture change and he worked to calm the conflict in his head. He opted to follow

through, having the end in mind. Similarly,

day become more successful and be able to not only help the needy and those in pain, but I would also be doing it in grand style. Then I set out on a path of self-discovery and leveraged so many pillars of success which helped me achieve all-around success. And today, after many years of pursuing excellence and reaching a certain level of success, I have been able to reconcile the two voices inside my head and get them to work together. First, I started by discovering what it was that I wanted – I saw that there were many things I wanted. I worked to prioritize them, and what I got was a thriving career and at the same time a life of looking after

In this book, I want to talk about many foundations of success that you can build upon to not only achieve your major desires but to also achieve an all-around success. When you achieve all-around success, you are not abandoning some of your dreams or aspirations for the others. Instead, you are reconciling all of them through prioritization and achieving them one after the other. Let’s dive in.

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