The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible

"The Master of Determination: an approach to change to become a winner instead of a victim"

She speaks with the heart. His unique gift is to speak and communicate with each person's heart as if they were unique. Sonia has awakened by transmitting a high energy message that tells people how to get rid of mediocrity and live in harmony with their greatness. Sonia learned from her own life and by helping others.


Daughter of a construction worker, alcoholic, third of 10 children, Sonia rose valleys of despondency and desperation at pinnacles of success. Her mother had no education and financial needs. She learned slowly, but with persistence and determination, she initiated and continued an eternal self-learning process that distinguished her as an authority on human potential. Sonia's passion for learning and her hunger to achieve greatness in her, allowed to become a Master. She has worked with large groups, associations and organizations, proving that EVERYONE can succeed.


Sonia has fifteen years of field experience as CFO in the private sector in Switzerland, and five years as the president of her own international consulting firm. All this gives Sonia respect and credibility.

One of her signature stories is how she learned to live with a difficult childhood and overcome a lot of adversity, Sonia proves with the help of determination and personal example that anything is possible.


His program is guaranteed to leave you inspired and motivated. She has a unique leadership style. She has the ability to inspire, excite and empower every possible


field. She shares her fresh ideas and creative strategies for success, to compete and win in the ever-changing real world.

It helps to conquer resistance. Sonia is unique because she personalizes every human being. She learns everything she can from you. His exceptional gift as a strategist allows him to connect the lessons of your life with insight while respecting the business world. And most importantly, She is one of those rare individuals who is easy to communicate with and who genuinely cares about your needs


She is ready to take you on a journey, come on board, for an adventure you will always remember. Sonia will show you how to solve problems ... without using the same thought that created them.

Leave Exhaustion and Illness Behind


Learn to Return to Balance,

Find new customers, get promoted, start your own business, solve conflicts, build self-confidence...


You want your desires to become a reality - we can help you!


Learn how to align your Essential Mental Strategies, Emotions and Communication and you will achieve the results you expect.

Here are some questions to consider:


  • As an entrepreneur or boss of VSE / SME:


How to boost your business despite the crisis and competition?

How to get better results from your employees?

How to give the best of yourself without being under pressure?



  • As a manager, employee:


How to improve your impact in your speeches?

How to increase the motivation of your employees?

How to save time and delegate more effectively?



  • As an individual looking for a better life:

When and how to reorient your career?

Where to find the company of your dreams? ... or how to create it?

How to improve your quality of life?

Despite all your efforts and your best wishes, the expected results are not always at the rendezvous.

This can be due to several factors. For example :


You think you have weaknesses to correct,

You feel overwhelmed, stressed, under pressure,

You are not fully aware of your qualities and talents,

You do not make enough use of your specific skills,

You do not dare to use all your personal resources.

You may just lack confidence in yourself, clarity in your goals or suitable tools. until then, you have come to some extent to overcome these problems. But you feel deep inside you that you really have to go beyond.


Now just imagine that:


You become fully involved in your life,

You work in harmony with your colleagues and your team,

You are supported, recognized and considered a leader,

You are happy about the development of your company,

You sublimate your projects, and your results go beyond the ordinary,

You discover serenity in your life in general.

It's possible ! All that it requires is for you to overcome your fears and not let anything block your path.

Do this, you will move towards your fulfillment and you will perform miracles.

A caring and pragmatic approach

We intervene in all cases where you need to be "supported", accompanied and advised to move forward and succeed.


We help you to:


  • Pass a course that seems difficult to cross alone,

  • Find the essential confidence in you to accomplish what you want,

  • Overcoming the inevitable difficulties that slow you down, control your emotions and gain confidence,

  • Optimize your time and energy and identify your real needs, your assets, your possibilities,

  • And finally find innovative solutions to live the life of your dreams.


For who ?

Coaching to Transform Your Personal & Professional Life

We work with any person profile, either privately or through your company. Whether you are a manager, project manager, engineer, consultant, researcher, director (department, department, agency) or entrepreneur, we are here for you!


We operate in various technology sectors, such as telecoms, IT, biotechnology, in the sectors of environment, design, administration, real estate, finance, insurance, marketing. and others.

Obstacles to success


Are you one of those who: waste a lot of time and energy, What a way to give life did not completely clarify their goals, have projects that could be more productive, are confronted with real or latent conflicts, want to better communicate with those around them (colleagues, managers, customers, suppliers, family, ...) Or, do you feel or perceive yourself: overworked or disorganized, Time, Money, Overwhelmed, Disorganized? 

in a difficult relationship climate,

in trouble to generate the desired turnover, with the impression of not making the best use of your resources, do not optimize your network of partner and customer relationships.

We can intervene.


Here are the profiles of our clients who benefited from a personalized coaching program:


Most are men and women, from 30 to 65 years of age, of higher education.


They are at one point of their journey with the impression of being faced with a wall that makes a change necessary (of themselves, their job, their structure ...).


Our customers want to learn, discover, experience another way of life. Open-minded, they need to be in tune with their core values ​​and make sense of their lives.


You are accompanied individually and individually

Your support is organized in the form of weekly sessions (45 minutes or 90 minutes) over a period of 2 to 6 months. These sessions are conducted face-to-face and / or by phone and / or skype.


The form of the program is determined during the 1st session. A file of preparation and clarification is given to you and serves as breadcrumb trail during the duration of your accompaniment.


Exercises can be offered between sessions depending on your goals. A debriefing takes place at the next session to clarify your progress and launch new actions.


You will be supported in your actions, have a clear direction, readjust your choices from week to week and train yourself to acquire new ways of being and doing.


Each Coaching Program is articulated around 4 axes:


  • You: your personality, your talents, your beliefs, your values, your qualities,

  • Your objective: clarification of what you really want, organization, expression of your needs (skills, training, resources, ...),

  • Your Project: strategy, action plan to achieve your goal, measuring progress,

  • Your environment: your impact on your environment (your relationships, your professional and personal life context, ...) and vice versa.

Our philosophy of coaching

To achieve your goals and succeed, we are convinced that it is necessary to build a relationship based on trust and pleasure. Also, we favor:


A whole relationship, without judgment, warm and empowering,

The sense of humor, kindness and enthusiasm.

Our field experience regularly demonstrates that these are two absolutely essential drivers.

Our ethics

The keys to successful change


We do not change for the sole purpose of changing.


We decide to change because we are not well in a given situation and we want to feel better.


The triggering factor is therefore a blockage, a problem, a malaise, a suffering, a failure ...


The goal is twofold:


  • To get away from what is wrong: to understand what "blocks" to define and solve it.

  • To go to what will: determine the desired situation and the means to achieve it.


Interventions to achieve your goals


In each of our programs, we define with you the objectives you want to achieve depending on the problem you are currently experiencing. Our approach is based on the clarification of the problems and resolutely oriented solutions and concrete results.

Our specificity


We bring you an active listening: listening focused on you, empathetic and without judgment, so as to grasp more closely what concerns you, bothers you, you anguish or annoys you but also what attracts you, you are enthusiastic, you motivates and makes you vibrate.



We dissect the problematic of the moment (where are you, what is happening?) And let us refine together what you want to achieve (where do you want to go, what do you want to achieve?).


We make clear on one side all your impediments or supposed ones and on the other hand, all your assets, your talents, your capacities, your resources (material, human, relational, emotional, ...).


We integrate a systemic approach by taking into account globally your professional and personal environment and by studying how it interacts with you.


We clarify your core values ​​and beliefs by distinguishing those on which you base your existence and can support you wholeheartedly and those that would limit you in your progress


We are building a step-by-step action plan with metrics, according to your pace.

At any time, we are present if you think you are stagnating or regressing or if you feel discouraged or unmotivated so that you understand what is happening, so that you feel truly and humanly supported and can act accordingly.




You are entrepreneur, boss of TPE or SME, in liberal profession,  consultant, independent or freelance



You are an employee, manager or executive officer in a company



Are you an individual



• Strategic Coaching • Management Coaching •

• Personal and Professional Development Coaching • • Positioning Coaching • Innovation Coaching •

• Objectives and Benefits 

  • Excel in your professional activity

  • Develop Your Strategic Vision

  • Integrate Digital Transformation

  • Expand Your Turnover

  • Anticipate the Evolution of Your Structure

  • Initiate a New Project

  • Optimize the Organization of Work

  • Set the right limits with the others

  • Develop your Creative Potential / Innovative Projects

  • Balancing Your Professional Life and Privacy

  • Master Constructive Communication

  • Inspire your Collaborators / Your Clients

  • Valuing Your Talents and Others

  • Expand Your Relationship NetworK

Modalities: 4 sessions / month - from 3 to 6 months


Examples of problems - Examples of objectives

  • Lack of profitability

  • Insufficient number of clients

  • Better sell, sell and know how to negotiate

  • Define what sets you apart and makes you stand out

  • Visibility too limited in your market

  • Communicating with a positive impact

  • Define Marketing Strategy (Products and Services)

  • Successful launch of a new project, product or service following a failure

  • Define the target and the key steps

  • Exploit problems to make opportunities

  • Live under pressure, stress, permanent tension

  • Learn how to really manage your time,

  • Act by being inspired instead of reacting under stress

  • Develop through innovation,

  • Do not go to the end of your ideas

  • Master the stakes of your creativity

  • Know how to surround yourself with key people (operational, expert, ...)

  • Having to decide everything alone

  • Establish effective delegation without losing power

  • Find a trusted interlocutor with whom to exchange



• Career Development Coaching • Leadership Coaching • • Relationship Coaching • Job Coaching •

• Team Leadership Coaching •

• Objectives and Benefits •

  • Expand Your Productivity

  • Improve Your Time Management

  • Manage conflicts

  • Be supported on a major project

  • Anticipate the negative impacts of stress (burn-out, demotivation, absenteeism)

  • Be Performant in a Multi-Cultural Environment

  • Delegate & Motivate your Collaborators

  • Valuing Your Talents and Your Qualities

  • Expand Your Relationship Network

  • Take the Word in Public

  • Effectively Animate Meetings

  • Communicate Effectively

  • Develop Your Leadership

  • Manage a difficulty with your supervisor

  • Progress in the management of your team

Terms: 4 sessions / month - from 2 to 4 months


Examples of problems - Examples of objectives

  • Team demotivated, lack of energy to meet the challenges

  • Develop your performance and that of your employees,

  • Start a new team project

  • Doubts about your professional development

  • Make the right choices for your career (training, career transition, reorientation, internal mobility, creation of a structure, ...)

  • Difficulty accessing a new position (appointment, promotion)

  • Develop the expression of yourself and your leadership

  • Do not know how to expose projects, Losing your resources in meetings

  • Animate productive and creative meetings

  • Speaking in public with ease

  • Failure to retain your employees

  • Motivate your teams and Set exciting goals

  • Improve interpersonal communication

  • Problem of integration in a new company (taking office, hiring, ...)

  • Acquire a sense of well-being in a professional environment

  • Increase autonomy and the ability to decide in all circumstances



• Career Coaching • Project Coaching •

• Personal Development Coaching •

• Creativity Coaching • Wellness Coaching • • Relationship Coaching •

• Objectives and Benefits •

  • Have confidence in yourself

  • Know and Channel your Emotions

  • Use the Letting-Take

  • Easily exceed periods of stress

  • Optimize Your Time Management

  • Live in Harmony with Your Entourage

  • Communicating without conflict

  • Find a New Job

  • To be at ease during the job interviews

  • Expand Your Relationship Network

  • Quickly integrate your new function

  • Create Your Business or Become Independent

  • Restore meaning to your life

Terms: 4 sessions / month - from 2 to 3 months


Examples of problems - Examples of objectives

  • Do not dare (ask for an increase, a promotion, a change of schedule, ...)

  • Have confidence in yourself and trust others

  • Have a paralyzing fear (shyness, hypersensitivity, indefinite fears, anxieties, ...)

  • To know to ask, to know to accept, to know to refuse

  • Knowing how to overcome one's fears

  • Imbalance between personal and professional life Knowing and identifying one's own needs

  • Modify your organization or start a new activity

  • Suffer others or circumstances (Feel victimized)

  • Be well with life events and generate them

  • Act instead of undergoing

  • Being in the grip of internal and / or external conflicts

  • Live a happy couple and family life

  • Confront serenely the uncertainties of life

  • Do not understand what is the purpose of what we do

  • Redefine the meaning of your failures and your achievements

  • Be in harmony with your core values


Individual coaching usually takes place in 6 steps (see below). Often steps 1 and 2 are done during the first interview. The sessions are spread over a period of 2 to 9 months depending on the objectives, and have a duration of 45 minutes to 1:30 for a weekly or bi-monthly frequency.


Coaching Face to Face

or Phone Coaching

(or skype)

Phone Coaching or Skype

Preliminary interview (free and non-binding)




First one-on-one session (or via eMails exchange and session by phone)


Following sessions in one-on-one or telephone







Exploring the points that lead you to choose to be coached.

Definition and formalization of the objectives and methods of implementation of coaching (type of coaching, budget, duration, frequency, location).

The duration of this first interview is approximately 1 hour.

Establishment of a contract between the parties (tripartite in company),

Payment of a deposit,

Making appointments

Acknowledgment of the coach-coached relationship,

Presentation of the weekly follow-up support for the actions (Sonia Baeriswyl Ineo), the principle of the exercises for the training to be done between the sessions,

Exploration of the subjects to be treated, selection of one of them and specific coaching,

Definition of the actions to be launched for the next session.

Analysis of the progress since the previous meeting and the points of blocking, the discrepancies between the planned actions and those actually achieved,

Deepening of topics to explore, develop,

Specific coaching on the points of blockage to be transformed and the positive points to put forward,

Refocusing objectives for the next session through exercises.


Note: Any session "forgotten" or canceled by the coachee within less than 72 hours is due. A term can be put to the benefit at any time by respecting a two week notice.

During the mission: Monthly billing.

At the end of the mission: Billing of the balance.

Final session: Assessment of the results achieved by the coachee.

They talk about us

"When I began working with my  coach I knew I wanted to focus on making the most of a huge business opportunity.  I knew I wanted the momentum and clarity to feel like I am growing and contributing. My coach helped me see new perspectives that completely change my approach to how I spend my time.  The coaching really helps me feel like I have a strong foundation to support making big changes in my life

Christophe K.

"Before coaching, I was struggling with being able to stay in the present moment. I was in a toxic and abusive emotionally and physically draining relationship. I felt I had lost a part of myself. I was in a negative living environment, without a car, struggled with self-doubt and had A LOT of negative self-talk. I knew there was more for me, but didn’t know where to start.

When I began working with my Coach I never expected that I would be where I am now. My coach made me aware of my disempowering language patterns and I learned that I really had the answers I needed all along. I no longer look to others for their approval. This in itself was life-changing. But it gets even better….”​

Laurent M.

She was so good at catching me in the lies I told myself…this year I will be doubling my income. Give it a try – It will absolutely change your life!

Francesca L.

"When I started to work with my coach I felt that I was talking to someone who understood me and my situation. He taught me tools to find my inner core. I now can see and observe my mind and thoughts and step back into my inner core when I need quietness. The personal approach of my coach helped tremendously to answer many of my questions sometimes in unexpected ways and helped to become a unified and unique person. I really think the Coaching Program is quite unique and excellent.

Christina L.

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